Baby Bash signs with Arista Records

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By Quibian Salazar-Moreno

      Houston emcee Baby Bash has signed a deal with Arista/J Records after previously releasing two albums with Universal Records. Although his debut album, Tha Smokin Nephew, went gold, his follow-up records Mènage a Trois and Super Saucy didn’t do as well despite spawning a couple of hits.

      "I feel ultra blessed to be with Clive Davis and the Arista Records familia," Baby Bash said. "I look forward to Arista elevating me to a higher level. This business is crazy and it feels good to have people on my team who see and understand my vision.”

      Bash first started his career in northern California as part of the group Potna Deuce and then Latino Velvet. After moving back to Houston to work with underground artist South Park Mexican, his popularity grew with the buzz eventually leading to his deal with Universal. There’s no word on when his new album will drop.


  1. It is super important to have the biligual artist in the corner of mouguls that we know. The industry look of it seems that If he has an understanding of the ceo’s and studio producers for latin rappstars then he can use their influence to bring fans to the market for Arister and finally to Chart toppers and name droppers like we know. For the comment on his skill, I don’t think I see it that way MAybe H’e not so skilled like we know it but I beleive that the Exects were looking maybe at his base of fans who do like him but don’t follow convetional rap stars

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