Baby Kisses from Lil Wayne

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 By: Dee    
      This picture of Lil Wayne and Baby caught mid-kiss has been making it’s way all over the internet.  Some people say it photoshop, some people say it’s real.  It looks real to me, but it could be the angle of the picture that is making it look like Lil Wayne is aiming for Baby’s lips.  He could have been going for Baby’s cheek.  There have been accusations in the past from rappers saying that they’d seen Lil Wayne and Baby kiss each other on the lips.  Young Buck said it before and Philly rapper Gillie Da Kid said he’s seen him kiss Baby on the lips before as well.  Whatever, I don’t know, check out the picture for yourself.  Click the link to watch a video of what else Gillie had to say about Lil Wayne…


  1. They even said they kiss on the lips on 106 & Park a couple of years ago, and then they did. I know some of yall saw that episode. Come on, everyone in hip hop cant be straight. There gotta be some homos…LOL!!!

  2. shits fake, look at that big grey spot inbetween their arms, that cant be the guy behind birdman. i do alot of graphic design for work and its clearly fake

  3. Whatever! Even if it is fake, their asses did it on BET in front of an audience on national television. And they have said before that they do it anyway.

  4. na baby and lilwayne is not at all some butt fuckers…..they is father and son they only kissin on the lips just incase it is there last time see in each other!!! lilwayne is my future hubby and there is no way he a but fucker unless it is my ass bitchez!!!!!

  5. Oh too that hoe from Beantown, aint no niggas from st louis GAY, that includes Chingy soft ass, especially North St Louis, Fuck the dumb shit, yeah bytch im from North St LOUIS, wat up “Get it Boys”,.wtf.. well that do sound kinda suspect right thurr….godammit chingy..i mean who knew

  6. To all intense and purposes I agree with brother ayoforkayo’s comment that the picture is totally fake!

    First, the reason being that the gray spot in between their arms should have been a BABY BLUE in colour to represent the colour of the apparel the other Brother standing right at the background wear.

    Secondly, the left arm of Lil does not represent a real arm of a person of his posture – it is neither aiming at Mr Birds’s head, (rigt)ears, nor shoulder.

    Thirdly, there is this thin gray shade of line at the fore-head and the chin of Mr Bird which mostly resulted from MASKING. Strangely, it is only Mr Bird has this gray line but the rest don’t.

    Fourtly, there are SEVEN persolities in the picture, BUT the arm exposed at the back of Lil and the hand with two pointed fingers in between them lead to ask for the EIGHTH and NINETH persons that can neither be identified.

  7. ight this is how I feel about the whole situtation yes of I am one of Lil Wayne Biggedt fans and whateva yall otha niggas talkin bout weezy fuckin baby is fukin gay man kill yo damn self cause he is one of the realest niggas out here and yall ko that and thats why yall tryin to bring him down. A but weezy if you see this man let all that shit ride and you keep doing wat you do. Luv ya always. But back to the ppl saying he kiss Baby on the lips do somethin else with yo time cause he still gon be ~EEZY FUCKIN BABY!!!!~

  8. THat aint fake they do kiss each other but it dont be on no homo-shyt. they apart of black mafia or mob i cant remember the name buh dats what they do. but lil-wayne still da best rapper ever and i know he aint gay so yall can juss believe what yall want.

  9. Whatever! Even if it is fake, their asses did it on BET in front of an audience on national television. And they have said before that they do it anyway.

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