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Ok so we are in for another ground breaking piece of literary workmanship this Summer when Karrine Steffans releases her new book The Vixen Manual: How To Find, Seduce, & Keep The Man You Want in the Summer. I did say that this chick is not necessarily the most coveted advice giver to keeping a man anyway in an earlier post BUT the break down of the book is kind of interesting.
So it is broken down into parts which go something like this “Never Let Him See You Sweat,” “Flirting,” “Encouraging His Manhood,” and “Give Him What He Wants,” great Summer reading up ahead people. The book which is coming out through the Hachette Book Group will be retailing at close to $20 and will be on shelves in the summer. If you are interested in hearing the book on CD (sound effects included I guess as this is Superhead we are talking about) you can get it for $30. The book is listed as a ‘self-help’ book and is bigged up by the publishers as ‘this hot and sexy manual is a must-have for every woman’s bookshelf.
Can’t wait for this one 🙂