BET`s Rocsi Is Suicidal Over “Internet Gangsters” (Bonus Pictorial Inside)

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Last week, video of Steve Harvey crying as he talked about the effect of blogs circulated the internet however, he’s not the only one being vocal about the negativity found on popular blog sites.  BET’s 106 and Park host Rocsi is no stranger to being insulted and trashed by those very sites and recently spoke out about it in a recent interview with Honey Magazine:

“I think a lot of these Web sites need a story.”  They need to find somebody to pick on, and I just so happen to be one of those girls. I’ve always had that coming up against Free on a black network and not being black.”

“I got where I’m at because of my work,” Rocsi insists. “I never had to lay on my back to get where I was. I come from a Latino background where family and the way we were brought up was very important. That’s how we conducted ourselves as ladies. And that’s a very important thing to my family, so yeah, when these blogs come out and they start talking shit — you’re messing with what my parents instilled in me. And I know it isn’t true. But I’m glad I have great family members who know that I wasn’t brought up that way, to not be blinded by this industry.

I mean it’s real bad when it gets to the point where everything’s so unbearable. You really got to have that strength, because if I didn’t have that strength in me, I would kill myself. There are some days when I’m like ‘How bad do I want to kill myself right now? What is the point of going on when so many people despise me or hate what I do? At the end of the day, I don’t meltdown because I’m still going to be on BET,” Rocsi says. “Internet gangsters are so tough. They’re so tough.”



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