Beyoncé Celebrates ‘Lemonade’ Three-Year Anniversary With “Sorry” Original Demo

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Available on Spotify — finally.

There’s no denying it: Beyoncé is one of, if not the, greatest entertainer of our time. With countless platinum plaques, Grammy Awards, and perhaps the most dedicated fanbase, she’s stood the test of time while constantly innovating. Her 2016 album, Lemonade, did just that when she intrepidly tackled her husband’s (JAY-Z) infidelity in a beautiful 45-minute sonic offering.

Three-years since this release, and Beyoncé has come through with an amended version, featuring the original demo for the album’s fourth track, “Sorry.”

The updated iteration is a drastically different version than the original, showing a more minimalist production that serenely portrays her morose emotions.

Listen to the new “Sorry” and the entire Lemonade album below: