Beyoncé Hops On Megan The Stallion’s “Savage” (Remix)

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They both snapped.

Megan Thee Stallion’s hit song “Savage” has blanketed TikTok and Instagram, becoming the latest viral challenge craze. It’s nearly impossible to escape the song’s catchy hook. Now, this already omnipresent single has received a new injection of life, as Beyoncé has hopped on the official remix.

On the revamped edition, Beyoncé takes the lead, coming in with this composed-yet-menacing flow and delivery that resembles a lion stalking its prey: calm, cool, collected — and ready to pounce. Quicky, Meg takes back the reins to deliver her staple swagger-imbued raps, accented by some ethereal “okays” from Bey.

But Beyoncé isn’t merely there for decoration — she does more than hold her own when it comes to spitting.

Check out the “Savage” (Remix) below: