Beyonce, Jay-Z win lawsuit

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By Quibian Salazar-Moreno

A U.S. District Court in Houston dismissed a copyright infringement lawsuit brought against Beyonce, Jay-Z, Sean Paul and the producers of the smash “Baby Boy” last week.

Singer-songwriter Jennifer Armour said in a lawsuit filed in July 2005 that the song “Baby Boy” was substantially similar to her song “Got a Little Bit of Love For You”, which she submitted as a demo to Beyonce’s father, Matthew Knowles. Through litigation, however, it came to fruition that “Baby Boy” was recorded on February 10, 2003, one month before Armour gave Knowles her demo. In addition, when the court played both songs side by side, it was ruled that the songs didn’t sound substantially similar at all.

"It’s unfortunate that lawsuits such as this one occur, but I am grateful and relieved to have this behind me and I am eager to move on," Beyonce said after the decision.
"Baby Boy" was written and produced by Beyonce, Jay-Z, Sean Paul, Scott Storch, and Robert Waller.


  1. There isn’t a stoppage comming soon for the couple who with the aid of one another will meet the dreams of a hiphop couple. They’re in and out of the media. They both have only had positive move since hooking up. And now they have a win against the court system which says that they have stealing accusation. This is something that effects the creds of their creativity the skill whih they use to earn their millions. Crongrats the music world is really in crazy in Love with the couple and the District courts are calling them “IRREPLACABLE”

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