Beyonce Retiring ?

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      Beyonce is reportedly planning to retire from professional singing. The R&B diva’s cousin Anjelica Knowles tells the New York Daily News that Bey’s upcoming third solo album will be her last.

      Beyoncé plans to spend her days scouting talent for new hubby Jay-Z’s upcoming label, The Carter Music Group. Beyoncé’s first protégé is rumored to be an R&B artist named Chelsea Thomas.



  1. She’s actually done more than enough. Destiny’s Child was the greatest selling group of all time. She wrote their songs. She got that money. She got publishing money. She got solo money. She got endorsement deals. She has a clothing line. Then on top of that she’s married to billionair Hov. What else do she gotta do? What else is there to do? Now she wants to help hubby build an empire. Ya’ll need to quit!

  2. I’m happy for them… love is a good thing, hopefully more people will see that. They are one now, so they work as one team… they are going to continue to be successfull.
    Good for ya’ll

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