Birdman Has Not Paid Up For The $8 Million Dollar Maybach!

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So remember when Birdman was tweeting about copping an $8 million dollar Maybach (that is indirectly Jay-Z’s sloppy seconds).  According to Forbes he hasn’t even paid for it yet, and the #1 stunna has notes on some whips.  That is not the path to $4.5 Billion Dollar Gold-Plated Super-Yachts.

The massive capital outlays do sometimes raise the specter of a liquidity crisis-a legitimate concern for someone whose net worth is largely tied to the value of a single asset, Cash Money Records. Arnaud Massartic, a European entrepreneur who says he’s selling the $8 million Maybach, claims Birdman hasn’t yet paid him; the rapper insists the car will arrive December (along with the presumed winnings from his Mayweather wager). And according to stateside luxury car dealer Marc Stromvig, the Cash Money co-founder has always made his payments on time.

“I’ve sold him 30-40 cars over the past 8-10 years and he’s never had a problem paying his bills,” says Stromvig. “Are there notes on some of his cars? Sure. But there’s probably a note on your car, too.”