Bishop Lamont Leaves Aftermath Records

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Cali rapper Bishop Lamont has left Dr. Dre’s Aftermath Records. He recently discussed the split from Aftermath/ Interscope and explained that he was happy to finally be a free agent and that his split from the label was all in good faith. Lamont says:

Dre is still my big bro, but after five years of just sitting there, it is kind of unfair to the fans and my family and myself that the release date has changed when all these people are waiting.”

Lamont explained talking about his debut album The Reformation which was slated for release after Dr. Dre had released his long awaited Detox album.

He also explained that he split with the label because of their lack of support when it came to his music. He realized that Dr. Dre was in a tough position, saying:

Andre has bigger obligations than breaking new artists. If you don’t understand the business side, it can put a strain on your personal side, which you can think is intentional and that is not the case.”

Bishop Lamont is currently a free agent and on the search for a new label.