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Did I miss something? Can someone please explain just when this relationship actually took place because allegedly Megan has been tweeting or twittering or whatever it is you do on twitter saying that her and Soulja Boy are no longer an item and telling an inquisitive fan that the rapper actually prefers men to women. Who would have thought Soulja had it in him to score with the video babe? Not me that’s for damn sure


  1. I never even knew they were together in the first place. Meagan is tooo Hot for Soulja Boy, something must’ve struck him and realized he like men better. hahaha

  2. WTF? What the hell are they talkin bout? I didn’t know they were together and now Souljah Boy is openly gay? I knew he was a fag when I listened to one of his new songs, but I ain’t know he had came out. Now all we gotta do is get Birdman and Lil Wayne to stop hidin the closet with they fruity false flaggin asses.

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