Bizzy Bone Goes Homeless, Gets Closer To God

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By Quibian Salazar-Moreno

      While Bone Thugs-N-Harmony are busy plotting their comeback, longtime fans have been wondering where fallen member Bizzy Bone has been. Apparently he’s been walking. In a campaign he calls the “Walk in My Shoes” campaign, Bizzy walked from his hometown of Columbus, Ohio to Cleveland, Ohio in an effort to come closer to God as well as tout the importance of ending homelessness.

      "Wandering in my desolate state, I had an overwhelming desire to surrender myself. My journey then became spiritual and my relationship with God was personal, between me and him,” Bizzy said in a press release. "I walked for a purpose. I walked for people who have no home, fame, fortune, or glory. I walked for those people who didn’t care whether or not I am a Grammy Award winner or sold millions of records. I walked for the people who have no one to turn to in their time of need. I walked for the real soul survivors."

      In addition to his campaign, Bizzy just inked a deal with Virgin Records and After Platinum Records and plans to release his new album, A Song For You, later this year. But more than anything, he wants to focus more energy on his Walk in My Shoes campaign and form alliances and partnerships with non-profit homeless organizations.

      "I’ve learned more about life from the homeless, who are the ultimate survivors than I have anywhere else,” he said. “I admire them. I’ve learned a lot about respect because I’ve seen and lived their struggles first hand. When I realized I could be useful in communicating what I had learned, I thought maybe it would inspire other people to educate themselves on this issue and do some good."


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