Black Milk + Jack White = Dope Music

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This sh*t is really really ill. It’s not everyday that a bonafide rock star like Jack White reaches out to an independent Hip-Hop artist like Black Milk. As a result, they created some great music which I am pleased to share with you below. Black Milk had this to say about his experience working with the former White Stripes front man…

The time we spent in Nashville collaborating with Jack White was one of the greatest moments in my music career. It not only inspired me to continue to work hard as a producer, but also confirmed that staying true to my art, without compromise, can manifest into the type of rewards that money can’t buy.

Be sure to peep the rest of the story as to how this unexpected collaboration came to fruition. Enjoy!

Black Milk & Jack White “Brain”


Black Milk & Jack White “Royal Mega”