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Artist/Group Name:


Black Milk


Reppin’ (What city you reppin’?):


 I’m reppin’ straight out of Detroit City


Affiliation (What crew or artists you roll with?):


People know me for rolling with SLUM VILLAGE and doing most of the production for their last 2 albums.


Influences (Who inspires you? Not limited to just hip-hop):


 I’m inspired by a lot of artist in all genres from PRINCE, MARVIN GAYE, D’ANGELO CURTIS MAYFIELD and on the beats I’m inspired by PETE ROCK, DJ PREMIER, and the g.o.a.t J DILLA.


Backstory (How’d you get in the game? How did the group form? What work did you put in before getting signed to a label?)


 I got in the game by producing beats..the first group I produced for was SLUM VILLAGE, and after that I start jumping on projects like DIRTY DISTRICT VOL. 1 and Vol. 2, showcasing my MC ability, and then eventually put out my solo project SOUND OF THE CITY in the summer of 05 which started my buzz on the underground circuit


Current project (What are you pushing right now? What can people expect from it? Feel free to just hype your album here…why did you name the album that name? Was there a theme? Any funny stories during its creation?)


Right now I’m pushing my new album real hard which is titled POPULAR DEMAND.
I named it POPULAR DEMAND just from me having a nice buzz right now as one of the new up coming artist in the game…its dropping on MARCH 13 on FAT  BEATS RECORDS.


Purpose (What kind of impact do you hope to have on the game? Do you just want to go platinum or is there something more?)


I’m just trying to be known as one the artist to always put out good music consistently in the game, no matter where I’m at in my career


Is hip-hop really dead? (Wax philosophical here, break down what you think of hip-hop today or compare it to when you were coming up. Good? Bad? Break it down!)


 Nah, I wouldn’t say its dead, but just focused on one type of hip-hop and one genre…everybody’s using the same formula. I think it’s about to change for the better real soon…hopefully.


Three wishes (If you had three wishes to change anything within hip-hop, what would they be? Bring someone back to life? Get a Kanye West beat? Make snap music disappear?):


 1. For different types of hip-hop to be exposed to the masses. 2. For the people to start going out and buying records again and supporting good music.3. and for me personally do a song with STEVIE WONDER AND PRINCE…lol!


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