A Nü Revolution

 |  May 3, 2010


I was lucky enough to be invited this past Friday night to an intimate listening session for Les Nubians upcoming project ‘Nü Revolution’.  It was held at Flex Studios– a really hot mixing studio in the E.Village.  The studio manager Chris and main mixer/producer Fab were very hospitable.  We rode up in the elevator greeted by a lovely woman serving champagne and a photographer snapping shots.  I must say- the Champagne was flowing courtesy of Paul Goerg. I got friendly with Mario who’s family own the authentic winegrowers from the Côte des Blancs region.

I was definitely practicing my French that night. Needs brushing up.

Les Nubians are two sisters- Hèléne and Célia Faussart. They grew up in France born to French Father and Cameroonian mother- Thus the very distinct jazzy and R&B style with African sensibilities. They have a Global sound that transcends nationality and language.  Grammy nominated and recipients of two NAACP Image Awards nominations as well as Soul Train ‘Lady of Soul’ awards  for Best New Artist in 1999.

We have a lot to look forward too with this new release- their 3rd full length.  Fall 2010!  In talking with Celia  “Nü Revolution took us time to organize as independent artists but it gave us a lot of strength in the process, may be as much as it requires to get it done”. Then when on to say- “we listened to “Nü Soul Makossa”“Nü Revolution” “Fraicheur SouhaitéeAfrodance” which was my personal fave- in fact- Helen said they’ll be giving out wigs for that one and finally ended with “Postcard”.  “This album is about Evolution, of dream (reve) and of women (Eve). It was a visceral experience. Independency also gave us freedom of choosing whatever is going to be featured, LOVE IT!!!!”. Celia reflects on their prior days on a major label and with this new release they’re completely on their own.  “We also had the chance to record in NY with original cameroonians balafons from the equatorial forrest where our mother is from “Bikutsi Drum Team” – we were awarded that as the encore song from the listening!  “It’s a color we didn’t want to miss in Nü Revolution for sure” says Celia.

So that being said- we wish them Bon Chance! I do believe that Les Nubians will have much success with their new project. It’s uplifting, beautifully spirited, very musical and extremely powerful.


And I leave you with Geno Young’s “Honeydew” which features Celia from Les Nubians.  Just teasing- we’ll have to wait for the new music video from the new album.  Yes- teasing!!

For more info check out their Myspace and Boutik