50 Cent To Use Africa’s Starvation Epidemic To Market Energy Drink…

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Am I the only one who sees what is really going on here?  I’m not fooled!  50 recently made the declaration that he would feed a billion people in Africa.  Now he is linking up with some energy company to pretend to benefit said people.  When inherently they are really trying to just make money off of energy drinks.  Well played Fif, but I’m not buying it.  According to BevIndustry:

Pure Growth Partners, a New York City-based company that conceives and markets consumer brands, announced the launch of Street King, an energy shot made in collaboration with rapper, actor and entrepreneur Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson.

Jackson collaborated with Pure Growth Partners’ Founder and Chief Executive Officer Chris Clarke to launch the energy shot, which will provide a meal for a child in need with every shot purchased.

“50 Cent and I share a common vision: to address the world’s problems through smart and sustainable business models,” Clarke said in a statement. “With the rampant starvation in Africa and hunger afflicting children worldwide, we need socially responsible businesses that affect real change now more than ever. And Street King can set the bar for future generations to come.”

The team has a goal to feed 1 billion children during the next five years.

“I’m inspired by [Clarke’s] vision and innovative approaches to tackling serious issues. It’s our mission with Street King to really change children’s lives around the world,” Jackson said in a statement.

Launching nationwide in September, Street King will be available in Orange Mango and Grape varieties for $2.49 to $2.99. The energy shot contains 100 percent natural flavors, no artificial colors and is made with a natural source of caffeine, which is derived from coffee beans, the company says. Each 2.5-ounce shot contains an amount of caffeine that is  comparable to a cup of coffee, but contains zero carbohydrates, calories and sugar. Street King’s Grape variety also is fortified with vitamins and gingko biloba.


  1. I know shady things go on in this world but I get the feeling everyone can benefit from this. Maybe I'm just dreaming…or maybe I am naive…

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