Does Lil Kim Have A Ghostwriter?

 |  January 24, 2012

Not sure just yet how much truth there is to this, but a man named Antonio Walker is claiming to have penned some of Lil Kim’s biggest hits. He released the following pictures in retaliation of a recent interview done by Charlie Baltimore on Shade45 last week. Baltimore claimed Kim didn’t write her own raps and Walker says he got the proof to confirm it. Walker’s evidence just below.

Anyways, even before these pics dropped I think some of us already had a feeling she wasn’t the one behind the pen. Her verses just haven’t been the same quality compared to the B.I.G. days. Could it be she’s always had extra assistance? Who know’s? But maybe one of these days, the truth about Kim’s writing may come to light. Until then, it’ll just add more fuel to Nicki’s antics.