|  February 18, 2009


Ok so Kanye covers Details this month, the magazine described as “Vogue for men” with some seriously photoshopped eyes. And in true Kanye style the ego inflamed West talked about just how he is the ‘fu**ing end-all, be-all of music’…to be expected and he then talked of moving to Paris to be closer to Louis Vuitton as he takes his new role of designer as very serious. The rapper recently unveiled his sneaker line designed for the high profile Parisian fashion house CLICK HERE. No doubt he will be heading over the pond to enjoy London fashion week in two days after he took in the shows in NYC this week. I am sure he will have his new chick in tow as she was along for the ride in Bryant Park with him too.
In other Kanye news, his VH1 Stroytellers which was filmed in LA last week will air on Sat Feb 28th, the show will give an insight to the rappers four albums and according to insiders is said to be one of the best Storytellers yet.