Game Is Not “Gangster”

 |  March 17, 2010


Game is one of those self proclaimed gangsta rappers from Compton and is supposedly affiliated with the Bloods, but when it comes to the courtroom, Jayceon Taylor is really just a regular citizen like you and me.

Game is currently facing an assault charge that stemmed from a 2007 altercation on a basketball court, where he was caught with a firearm in a school zone.

He pleaded no contest to the charge and served 8 days in jail as well as community service. However, the other party involved, basketball coach Shannon Rodrick filed suit against the rapper for assault.

He pleaded with the judge to not accept any references to his gangster rapper image or display any of his lryics throughout the trial as he is worried it will cause prejudice amongst the jury.

When it comes to possible jail time, as a rapper you got to just put the G away and handle it as a regular citizen because as we have learned and continue to learn the hip hop police will come for you…no one is safe.