Boogie Announces New Album & Releases Lead Single, “Silent Ride”

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Boogie’s new album, Everything’s For Sale, drops on January 25th. 

Compton’s Boogie has remained a well-kept industry secret throughout his young career. The 29-year-old lyricist might still be pining towards commerciality, but he’s managed to attract the attention of major players, materializing in inking his deal with Eminem’s Shady Records.

While Boogie has already two project releases under his belt–Thirst 48 and The Reach–he’s yet to make his official Shady Records full LP debut. With an announcement via his Instagram yesterday, he’s intent on changing that soon: Boogie’s official debut studio release, Everything’s For Sale, will drop on January 25th.

Today, he’s given fans a taste of what’s to come by way of his new single, “Silent Ride”.

Lacing his endearing lisp-riddled flow over the smooth trap-accented production, Boogie uses “Silent Ride” to discuss all of the thoughts crowding his mind in a stream-of-conscious manner.

Until Everything’s For Sale drops, acquaint, or reacquaint, yourself with Boogie by hitting play on “Silent Ride” below: