A must listen album.

This summer is officially Yeezus season. Kanye has holed himself up in Wyoming for months crafting five projects, and today marks the third installment of his revamped GOOD Friday releases. After much speculation, contemplation, and suspense, we’ve received the highly-anticipated collaborative album between Kanye and former GOOD Music signee, Kid Cudi, Kids See Ghosts.

Released exactly one-week after Kanye’s polarizing solo release, ye, this juxtaposition paints a stark contrast rooted in something that has eluded Kanye as of late: lucidity. Where ye felt rushed, scattered, and unpolished, Kids See Ghosts sounds like a concerted, calibrated effort towards musical transcendance–and they achieved that in spades. From the Mike Dean-assisted production, to the staple Cudi groans, all the way to even the Takashi Murakami drawn cover art, Kids See Ghosts is the musical union we hoped would transpire on wax.

For any people still doubting Kanye, please stop what you’re doing, and go listen to Kids See Ghosts. Yeezy season has approached, and it is here.

Stream Kids See Ghosts below: