Kid Cudi Announces ‘Man On The Moon III’ With Album Trailer

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Coming soon.

The Kid Cudi loyalists often credit their fearless musical leader with empowering them to deal with their own demons head-on. An ambassador for destigmatizing mental health and increasing awareness around the subject, Cudi’s music has long been a refuge for anyone feeling lost, confused, anxious — for those who feel like holding on doesn’t justify the effort.

A lot of this resonating messaging is packaged in his acclaimed Man On The Moon albums, which also introduce the masses to Cudi’s therapeutic-like humming and endearing vocal manipulations. And while Kid Cudi albums have come and gone since his MOTM days, fans still fiercely latch onto this older work to aid them through times of despair. Now, it looks like patrons can let Man On The Moon I & II breathe a little, as Cudi has recently announced the saga’s impending third installment.

Earlier today, Kid Cudi tweeted a Man On The Moon III album trailer. The 92-second video shows Cudder at various career junctures, almost as a retrospective, to celebrate the past in order to appreciate the present and future; the trailer signs off with a hope-inspiring message, “The trilogy continues,” confirming that album’s imminence. 

Stay-tuned for more Kid Cudi x Man On The Moon III updates, and check out the album trailer below: