Didn’t know I needed this, but yup, need this.

The details of Young Thug’s next have been speculated at exhaustion thanks to a conflation of cryptic fodder from Thug and fan imagination. Is it the official successor to Barter 6? Will it feature Thug donning his singing or rapping hat, or some combination? These details still elude the public, but one major announcement has been made: J. Cole will be executively producing the album.

Sources close to Thug have confirmed this, and the two have reportedly been in the studio together in New York.

The two have a decorated history, with Cole calling Thug a “genius” and having him as his opener on his last tour. With undeniable mutual respect and different-yet-equally impressive talents, this collaboration will almost certainly yield an impressive product, pushing the creative envelope to new heights.

It’s unclear which project this will be, but the sheer idea of it is exciting enough.