Lil Yachty Chops it Up With No Jumper

 |  November 7, 2017

Their second interview.

Hate him or love him, no one can deny Lil Yachty’s brand power and overall allure. From his novel branding to his unique, distinct musical style, Yachty has ballooned into a bonafide star, engulfing and dictating the culture. En route to his rise, he was one of the early members on the now hit podcast, No Jumper. Now, two-years later, Yachty has returned to chop it up with No Jumper host, Adam22.

Feeling the need to reconnect and reflect on their individual successes since their first interview, Yachty and Adam spend the time discussing how Yachty’s career has shifted and grown, in addition to what he’s been up to in general during the past two-years.

Watch the Lil Yachty No Jumper (Two-Years Later) interview below: