Are we finally going to receive Astroworld soon?

The teasing wait for Travis Scott’s Astroworld, the project that has been promised to his loyal following for years now, continues to plague the hip-hop community. With the only inklings into the album being that it “will change music,” according to those lucky select individuals who’ve previewed it, fans are left to ponder a bevy of hypotheticals: “When will it come out?”; “What will it sound like?”; “Who will be featured?”. A series of questions that can only be answered by debate amongst friends, blog posts from writers. However, this mythical release has just become a bit more tangible thanks to the help of the legendary Mike Dean.

The super producer and mixer has been a long time collaborator of Scott’s, and over the weekend, provided some necessary insight into the artist’s rumored third studio album. Dean tweeted out that we will received Astroworld next Friday, August 3rd.

In addition to this tweet, Dean also posted a collection of other hints on social media, like him mixing the album, working in the studio with Travis, and telling fans that they will “shit their fucking pants” upon hearing this project.

August 3rd is primed to be a strong day for hip-hop. If Travis does make good on Dean’s promise, then he will be joining releases from Mac Miller, YG, and Iggy.