Saigon Strikes Back

 |  November 2, 2010

Saigon unveiled the first single from his solo debut, The Greatest Story Never Told.  “Bring Me Down” is a rock-infused rebound track, chronicling Saigon’s return to prominence after his much publicized fall-out with Atlantic Records.   While, I’d like to hear something more in the vein of All In A Day’s Work, I see where the Yardfather is going with this.  I doubt it will get much if any radio play, but it sounds catered towards the airwaves.


The music video Saigon released yesterday is fresh though.  In “I Want It All,” Sai sits at a boardroom meeting while explaining his fantasies to a group of rich, white execs.  The budget on the visuals look rather illustrious, too, as towards the end, Saigon takes a Maserati for a spin    The former Entourage cast-member apparently inked a deal with Suburban Noize to distribute The Greatest Story Never Told, which drops February 15, 2011. Will it be worth the wait?


Saigon “Bring Me Down”


Saigon “I Want It All”