Chop, chop!

Although the exact date of ScHoolboy Q’s heavily-anticipated album is unknown, its imminence is palpable. So far, we’ve received two singles from Q: the hyped-up “Numb Numb Juice” and the Travis Scott-assisted “CHopstix”. Today, Q and Trav have made good on delivering their collab’s music video.

Taking place in a land and time far far away, the “CHopstix” video shows Q and Trav conducting an orchestra, replete with black and white imagery. Alluding to the metaphorical use of chopsticks as a woman’s legs, Q eyes a seductress in the crowd, and invites her to join him after the show by a simple wink and a smile. Her boyfriend, sitting beside her, seems less than please.

Spliced between the tangible love connection between this seemingly unavailable woman and Q are beautiful images of well-choreographed ballerinas, Travis assuming role of orchestra conductor, and the trappings of early – mid 20th century theatre.

Watch the “CHopstix” video below: