Spotted at HipHopDX

Although you haven’t heard Tech N9ne on stations such as Hot 97, you probably recognize the name.  Tech’s the epitome of independent powerhouse, with 11 albums under his belt and well over a million copies sold independently.  Recently, Fat Joe, who released his last album independently through E1, praised Tech N9ne for his non-stop grind.  “I’m going to tell you who the biggest artist in America is that nobody really knows about: Tech 9ne. He tours all year round and I go to his shows and there’s always 5,000 dudes mashing it up and everything” said Fat Joe.  “He could be one of the richest rappers on earth because his following is incredible but you don’t hear him on the radio.” Tech N9ne’s latest album, The Gates Mixed Plate, came out the same week as Fat Joe’s The Darkside Volume, 1 and outsold it.


In other Tech N9ne news, a Missouri pizzeria recently named a pizza after him.  The Tech N9ne Pizza available at Lee’s Summit, Missouri’s Next Door Pizza Restaurant features sausage, pepperoni, meatballs, bacon, chicken, red onions, red peppers and fresh mozzarella cheese.  Tech is said to be “flattered.”  This pizza looks delicious, but I’d love to try the Butcher of Longview pie that is described as “an orgy of meat toppings.”