So it appears that Cannibal Ox member Vast Aire is biting the hand that fed him.  In a recent interview, Vast Aire lashed out at former producer and label head El-P, calling him a “d*ck head”.   I’m not sure what this rift is about, but it’s kind of crazy considering El-Producto produced the entirety of Cannibal Ox’s critically acclaimed debut.

According to AHH.

“We don’t want to work with snakes so he doesn’t have to do anything for me. What is he doing right now? The label broke up, what is he doing? Playing with his balls, painting houses, what is he doing? All this hype and all this talk, I’m the only one out with good music,” Vast Aire explained in a calm demeanor.

“Don’t get it twisted I love what I did with him in the past,  we did some great stuff, but that don’t mean your not a d**k head and that you did bad business and that doesn’t mean you aren’t a jealous or envious person.”

UPDATE: El-P was reached for comment on the story, and had a few choice words for the former artist on his Def Jux label.

“I’d sooner wash my face with napalm than dignify this by responding in kind,” El-P told in an exclusive statement.