Run The Jewels Drop ‘RTJ4’ Early In Effort To Help A Nation Heal

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Big respect to Killer Mike & El-P.

With a country reeling from what feels like the next chapter in A Series Of Unfortunate Events, we are starved for justice, compassion, empathy — any shred of righteousness, really. Outside of using their platforms to make poignant political stands, Killer Mike and El-P, AKA Run The Jewels, have decided to help quell this pain with their art by gifting the highly-anticipated RTJ4 album to the masses early — for free. 

Originally scheduled to drop this Friday, the acclaimed hip-hop duo felt a country writhing in anguish, and decided to abandon waiting the arbitrary additional two-days for the official release.

Explaining the early drop, RTJ said, “Fuck it, why wait. The world is infested with bullshit so here’s something raw to listen to while you deal with it all.”

Killer Mike and El-P retain the distinct ability to accurately depict the spirit of protest in their music, something everyone who’s feeling pessimistic about the current state of affairs desperately needs.

Thank you, Killer Mike and El-P.

Listen to Run The Jewels 4 below: