Bow Wow Celebrates His Birthday Early in D.C.

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      Bow Wow doesn’t officially turn 21 until  March 15th, but that didn’t stop him from celebrating in Washington D.C. this past Saturday at the Love Nightclub.

      He plans on celebrating again with an invite-only bash this Saturday at the Mirage Hotel & Casino in Vegas.   The party will feature a performance by T-Pain, while super producer Swizz Beatz will hold down the turntables to keep partygoers on the dance floor. There is also word of a surprise guest host, which is being kept secret.


  1. He is a smart young man. He certainly is trying to get those dollars like him. He invested and got his own McDonalds, which at the end will be a great investment in the long run. I don’t like his music but I love his Business savyness. Let peace be your journey in life.

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