Bow Wow Overvalues Himself…Gets Dropped From YMCMB?

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I just thought Bow Wow was acting a little extra in the “I need to legitimize my existence” department.  He told MTV UK:

  • TWU: So how do you fit in to the whole YMCMB family? You’ve got Young Money and Cash Money, so are you signed to just Cash Money or both?

    Bow Wow: I’m Cash Money, but you know we’re all under the same umbrella. It’s all the same thing we screaming out, ‘YMCMB.’ We’re all under one umbrella and that’s what it is, we all fit together well because we’re all so different. Nicki is the first female rapper on the label, Drake is the new artist and you’ve got Wayne, he’s a rock star. Then myself, I’m like the triple threat. I do the movies; I do the music, so we all contribute off of each other. I can open up doors in Hollywood for my team mates and just try to make things easier for them. Nicki wants to do movies; she was supposed to be in ‘Lottery Ticket’, a lot of people didn’t know that. She actually auditioned; I set it up and everything. So that’s just the power that I have, that’s what I can do, so it’s really all about just helping each other.

Bow Wow just kind of sorta helping people with their acting career, clearly making power moves.  Also who else thinks “triple threat” when  Bow Wow’s name comes up?

Also I guess there are some rumors that the Bow of Wow’s was dropped from YMCMB because he isn’t on the roster on YMCMB’s website.  However, most of the YMCMB weed carriers aren’t on that list.  So I dono if I believe the rumor.



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