C-Murder Denied Acces to Interviews

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By: Rizoh

      Rapper C-Miller (born Cory Miller), currently under house arrest, has been barred from giving interviews to promote his new album, says the judge overseeing his case.
The Louisiana rapper, formerly known as C-Murder, is awaiting a retrial for the murder of teenager Steve Thomas in Louisiana in 2002.

      "I guess the music will have to speak for itself," said Louisiana District Judge Martha Sassone.   

      C-Miller, 35, was jailed for life in 2003, but won a retrial because prosecutors withheld information about witnesses. Miller’s current house arrest is part of a condition of his $500,000 bail. He had requested permission to give promotional interviews for his upcoming album, but prosecutors argued that he had only been given bail to help prepare for his retrial.

      "Capitol Records will have to find another way to advertise it," said Ms Sassone. "There’ll be no interviews, no music videos."

      The good news, however, is that Miller will be allowed to have his photograph taken, and the judge also agreed to let him into his back yard to play with his children.
"I would like for him to spend time with his kids," she said.

      C-Miller recently appeared alongside Ludacris, Beanie Sigel and Pimp C on a 5-minute track titled "Do Your Time," from Luda’s Release Therapy. Miller’s retrial is scheduled for February 2007. His album drops the same month.


  1. Let me be the first to say how blatantly screwed up this is. Especially the “I want him to play with his kids” comment. Lets hope he’s strategic enough to pump this thing against all odds. It can always be done guerilla style. May Gods will be done in C’s life.

    Nesby Phips

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