Carnage Taps Wiz Khalifa & G-Eazy On “Wait For Me”

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Carnage’s second song official single of the year.

Carnage has a penchant for attracting the industry’s biggest names. Last year, the Guatamelan-American producer released his second studio album, Battered Bruised & Bloody, featuring artists like the late Mac Miller, Lil Pump, Migos, and more. This weekend, Carnage returned with “Wait For Me,” with a little help from G-Eazy and Wiz Khalifa.

A heavily EDM-inspired production, Carnage’s dynamic instrumental provides an interesting soundscape for G-Eazy and Wiz, both of whom are more accustomed to prototypical hip-hop beats. However, being the A-list artists that they are, the two handle the relatively uncharted territory with aplomb, creating a unique product.

“Wait For Me” is Carnage’s second 2019 single, following “Letting People Go.” 

Listen to “Wait For Me” below: