Caught on Tape: Toddlers Smoking Marijuana

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By: Rizoh

      …And in today’s episode of “Only in Texas,” a Texas teenager, Demetris McCoy, has been arrested after police found a video of him showing his 2-year old and 5-year old nephews how to smoke marijuana.

      “In 25 years in law enforcement, I’ve never seen anything like this, either on a local level or the national level,” said director of public safety for the city of Watauga, Bruce Ure.

      Ure added that it’s probably not the first time 2-year old has been exposed to marijuana.

      "The small child, he has a horrible cough. He’s got a smoker’s cough. His voice is raspy which is indicative of a lot of tobacco smoke. It’s horrible."

      The children’s uncle, 17-year-old Demetris McCoy, and his friend, 18-year-old Vanswan Polty, have been charged with injury to a child. The felony carries a penalty of probation to 10 years in prison.

      The boys were removed from their Watauga home last week after police uncovered the videotape while searching the house during a burglary investigation.

      Child Protective Services will hold a hearing later this month to determine whether they will be returned to their mother. Authorities say the children’s mother claimed to have been asleep in a back bedroom during the incident.

      I’m sure we can find a way to blame this on either: a) hip-hop or b) “the white man.” But just imagine the level of damage this can do to those tots’ brains.

See the disgusting video for yourself:


  1. thats some shit rite there. not only is that fucked up, thats a waste of some fuckin weed. u kno damn well them lil kids aint gonna feel the side affects. bull should have passed me that L.

  2. This is a shame who will be are doctors and leaders in this life time? Can someone tell me what the hell is goin on with these damn kids growing up where is there sense no where are the parents? Probley young too off with there spouse smoking the cronz too.

  3. This is Texas,,,, think about it. At least they are feeding the kid Robitussen. That state has issues. These kids are stupid and irresponsible. Smoking Cigarretes is done by young kids a lot but this is way overboard. The whole idea that those two actually gave the young child weed. In a middle east country them two would be executed for being so stupid and such a terrible example of WHAT NOT TO DO!!! but why blame those other “kids” 17 year and 18 year old immature BRATS for theyre MOTHER SLEEPING IN ANOTHER BACK BEDROOM IN THAT HOUSE. if you blame the hiphop or the white man GET YOUR MIND RIGHT!!!! AND STOP SNITCHIN!!!! ITS PARENTHOOD!!!!!
    im nobodies mother or father but at least i can see that thats the problem in this situation.

  4. they blowin shyt out of proportion. Weed is tha holy herb, its even in tha bible. Its grown from tha earth and it is all natural. The only bad side effect is stupidity.

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