Chiddy To Break Freestyle Record??

12 years ago view-show 682,209

So Chiddy of Chiddy Bang is planning on freestyling for 8 hours during the MTV O awards in order to break a new world record. He claims he will be fine, as long as his fans inspire him with things to rap about:

“I’ma just go… really there’s no pre-preparation. I will need the help from the fans…anybody that supports me on Twitter or that supports the group in general, send some topics in like as the freestyle is going on, people could be able to send topics through and I think that would definitely help a great deal as long as there’s a steady stream of things to draw from ‘cus you know what I’m saying, like the problem for me won’t be actually rhyming it, the problem is like that’s like eight hours…”

But don’t worry, Chiddy assures us that the freestyling will not get dull:

“I definitely won’t be sitting down the whole time, like, you know you gotta take a piss, you gotta eat a couple Doritos, you know what I’m saying, to get your energy so of course I’ma be doing things like that too.”

Go to the OMusic awards site and check out the live stream of his freestyle efforts by selecting the Chiddy Cam. The only thing that worries me is the conflicting reports I’ve found on the internet about who actually is the current title holder of longest freestyle rap. All of them claim to have lasted 9 hours plus whilst Chiddy’s effort is supposed to be 8 hours. So does anyone actually know what is the longest freestyle rap??