Chris Brown’s Cousin Apparently Chased Down Frank Ocean

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The internet age.  Where the cousin’s of Chris Brown can allegedly chase down Frank Ocean in the streets of LA.  I gotta bullet some points.

– I love how worldstar aggressively brands themselves with any aspect of society that is terrible.  If something absolutely terrible happens on camera worldstar wants in.

– So Frank Ocean supposedly showed up to some dance studio Chris Brown was at, and was chased away.  Then Chris Brown’s cousin and co. supposedly got in the car and filmed themselves chasing him.  That’s what some bloggers are saying but I don’t know if I really believe that.

-Whoever made this video sucks at life.  Just yelling at another dude like a functional retard doesn’t prove anything in the grand scheme of things.  Plus filming it and sending it to worldstar completely nullifies your perspective that you are delivering some sort of justice.

This “beef” is so stupid.  I think Breezy might have some self esteem issues or something.  I think the dude is wicked talented, but he just demands on pretending to be a tough guy too much.  It always back fires because it’s too easy for people to throw him under the bus and say, wasn’t the last person you beat up, Rihanna?