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OK so Robin Thicke talked last week about his inability to secure a Vibe cover becasue he is a white dude and yet here is Ciara being crowned the magazines sexiest singer. I mean is she? I know she is cute, but is she considered sexy? I guess 50 thinks so right, maybe they got a two for one deal as he was on the cover the other month with Bobby de Niro..readers who would you say deserved that crown? Ciara? Alicia? KCi Cicici2eyshia? Mairah?


  1. main fuck that ciara is so sexy main i would love to have her main bow wow dumb is fuck main ciara i would gave her the world but i would rock her world too cuz she so right to be a lil tom boyish lol but i would love to date that scopio um a leo we match i got fri 4 her she need to come to memphis a i wonder she still looking 4 some one to love her like she said on that song because baby i will 4 life fick the media yadid

  2. Alicia keys garbage, that ho fake, runnin round here like she down, she got a nose job before she came out, dnt believe me, lookit up Ciara hands down baddest chick in the game.

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