Civil War + Poverty + Drugs + Rape + Cannabalism = Liberia

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Wow. did this really interesting piece on the current conditions of Liberia.  A lot of subjects are touched on in this 8 part segment.  Ultimately the looming question is what will happen to Liberia once the U.N. leaves?  Gives you some history on how Liberia’s past is contributing to it’s current state.  You should check it out.  There is definitley a freestyle inolving child soldiers drinking blood.  Not your typical freestyle.



  1. Shout out to Perspective and I thank you so much for showing some light on the situation in Liberia. Personally I hate General Butt Naked or Joshua Blahyi, whatever. I feel his freedom is a problem to the society of Liberia. I can just see him now, using his uber religious beliefs (in a extremely religious town) and with his connections to many frustrated and unemployed ex-combatants, to over throw our country. This man is extremely dangerous…. Now I'm really scared to show this vid to my dad and mom because my older sister just took a well paying job in the capital of Liberia atKendeja Resort & Villas – BET founder Bob Johnson's resort.
    Yeah this is most definitely going on the blog.

    Young Dolo

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