Common Publicly Apologizes to Duke Students for Rape Remarks

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By: Rizoh

      Common is the latest rapper to suffer from foot-in-the-mouth disease. The Chicago MC who once condemned the men’s lacrosse team at Duke University accused of raping a Black exotic dancer, has now said that his statements stemmed from personal reactions and did not reflect the facts of the case. Bottom line: he publicly apologized for jumping to conclusion.

      “I want to say first of all that I apologize for accusing people wrong that didn’t do it,” Comm said to The Raleigh News. “I just felt like, ‘That’s my sister,’ so I felt emotional about it, and I guess I did what a lot of people do to other people, to convict them or consider them guilty before we even know the truth,” he added.

      Wait, why on earth is Common issuing a public apology when everyone else who pulled the race card during that rape scandal has now hunkered-down in shame? Well, Comm will possibly face the same students he wrongly condemned when he performs at a Duke festival, The Last Day of Classes.  Fortunately for him, some students have already accepted the apology.

      “There were definitely irresponsible comments, but the fact that he apologized makes it seem like he will try and put on a good show and actually cares about what Duke students think," a freshman, Jordan Rice, told the Duke Chronicle.


      While some are in the process of forgiving Common, others get it.


      “He just kind of jumped on the bandwagon in condemning these guys,” said sophomore Jon Martin. “It’s always appropriate to apologize, but I think it’s pretty obvious this was a PR move.”


      That’s right, Martin; to err is human, and to apologize is a PR move.


  1. Personally, it does seem a bit suspect, expecially considering the positions Black professors Karla Holloway and Houston Baker acknowledge that they cannont prove the boys raped the poor stripper girl, but that these students have a history of white privilege and immoral behavior, like throwing a drunken strip party in the first place (just for the heck of it?). Point is no one apologized to OJ Simpson although he was acquitted of charges. Wonder why. Perform at Duke Common, get that money and teach them some pro-blackness

  2. what is wrong with common ,not because they werent convicted tdosent mean they didnt do it,it was said them boys had better resources to fight the case ,and it would cost that girl too much to go on with the case ,maybe not those three guys but some one at the party was calling her nigger,and eventually raped her…fuck duke ,this is just a nother case of white people getting away with shit because they have money…
    i dont care if she’s a stripper or what ever ..she still a sister and it kills me to see white’s get away ,if it was a black guy they would of just locked us up off back ,no questions asked…
    fuck white america

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