Confessions Pt 3: Swizz Beatz May Have A Love Child On The Low (Pics Of Kid And Side Chick Inside)

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Rumors and reports are circulating that Swizzy has a two year-old-daughter with Moscow born singer Jahna Sebastian! IF this is true, the story goes:

“The two allegedly met at London famous club Ministry of Sound in August 2007. All her attempts to contact Swizz Beatz after realizing she was pregnant failed. So she did it with the help of her lawyers.

In July 2009 Swizz Beatz had to come to London to take the paternity test (it is reported that Alicia was there as well) and the results proved that he was indeed the father.

The singer, who now resides in London, addresses that since then she gets no financial support from her famous baby daddy.”

Since Swizz and Alicia have been dating for three years, that would mean he cheated on Alicia who he was creeping with while legally married to Mashonda!? Not a good look!




    Sunday, 22 February 2009

    A RUSSIAN asylum seeker and her eight-month-old baby girl have won their battle to stay in London.

    Singer songwriter Zhanna Andrianova, who records under the name Jahna Sebastian, has been living in Tufnell Park while fighting against deportation to Russia where she says she will be at the mercy of racist neo-Nazi thugs.
    The Ham&High has been publicising the plight of the 22-year-old Russian Academy of Music graduate, who is half Indian and an outspoken supporter of the anti-fascist movement.
    Last week she was given the news she has long been hoping for, when her appeal against deportation was finally granted after an agonising six-week wait.

    She said: “We are very pleased to hear that we won the case.

    “The judge allowed the appeal and granted me leave to remain, but now we have to wait for the Home Office to issue me the final documents and grant of the refugee status.”

    Russia has seen a rise in violent far-right gangs since the fall of the Soviet era and hundreds of immigrants have been attacked.

    The British Foreign Office carries warnings on its website about the increase in racially-motivated attacks.

    Ms Andrianova said: “An expert report was really helpful to determine the situation in Russia and my particular position when we were in court and the report's analysis confirmed how dangerous and risky it would have been for me to return to Russia.”

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