“CSI” Star Popped for Heroin, Coke, Ecstasy

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      CSI’s" Gary Dourdan was busted in Palm Springs yesterday on suspicion of possessing heroin, cocaine, ecstasy and prescription drugs. Law enforcement sources told TMZ the actor was asleep in his car at 5:21 AM when they approached the vehicle and made the bust. 

      Dourdan was taken to Palm Springs jail where he posted $5,000 and bail

Come on People ….SMH


  1. damn shame.. we as blks get a great role and we abuse it by doing stupid shit, leave that shit for the white folks. Be a Happy Nigga and Control your actions if you are a celebrity.. No If’s ands or buts.. Or is it a money thing..

  2. Man the had to have found him with some shit to talk that suspicion of shit… He probly saod it wasn’t his and someone left it in his car. Homie was tired as hell though. You can see that on his face. I live about an hour and a half from tha Chi. When I party too hard there I pull my ass over quick for a nap. It’s the only way to make it home safe if you fucked up! I think that’s what he was on. He just wasn’t expecting them people to roll up on him.

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