Curren$y Talks About What’s Next For Center Edge Territory And Why The Rap Game May Not Need Them

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Curren$y spoke with Splash Mag about his phantom project with Center Edge Territory, his group with Mos Def and Jay Electronica. He explained the delay of the project.

Center Edge Territory, that’s not over. I just tweeted it the other day, too. Center Edge is not dead… I told you like I said, when the game is in turmoil, we’ll release records. Right now, the game is OK. I’m not totally disappointed with the state of the game, because Dom Kennedy put out some music. Kendrick Lamar is out, Big Sean’s out. So it’s not that bad. When the game is in total wreck, we’ll be here. But until then, we’re going to chill.

His lack of urgency might be a sign of confidence but I think people are starting to doubt there ever being an album. He doesn’t seem to be in a rush but he might have a concrete plan. You never know…

“We’ve got more records done, but not albums. I got like two or three other songs by this guy that we haven’t put out. We’re just going to stack ‘em up. We’re probably going to do another Covert coup if the world needs it.”

Click this link to watch the full interview, where he goes into more detail on the projects he is currently working on.