D.R.A.M. Brings Out XXXtentacion for LA’s DAMN. Show

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Energy, vibes, and mayhem. You’re going to want to watch this performance.

Kendrick Lamar’s DAMN. has been heralded as one of 2017’s best Hip Hop projects. Thanks to K. Dot’s unmatched lyricism, storytelling, and conceptual excellence, DAMN. continues to validate Kendrick’s living-legend status. It reflects his musical astuteness, further solidifying his penchant for producing iconic works.

Complementing this critically-acclaimed album is Kung Fu Kenny’s coveted DAMN. tour, featuring an engorged setlist of album highlights mixed with classic Lamar cuts—and two superstar openers: D.R.A.M. and the energizing, mosh pit-inducing Travis Scott. With 20 shows complete, some might question one’s ability to maintain the element of surprise. Easy, just bring out Hip Hop’s next big thing.

Last night at Los Angeles’ Staples Center, opener D.R.A.M. brought out internet sensation XXXtentacion—a perfect Travis Scott precursor—to a stunned, excited crowd. His breakout hit, “Look At Me!”, reverberated throughout the arena, creating palpable waves of energy that crashed with every deafening bass drop. Talk about setting the tone. As X continues to enjoy his meteoric, unconventional rise—watered by equal parts divisiveness and shock value—this impactful moment aids his transformation from underground god to mainstream identity. And it couldn’t come at a better time.

In effort to remove the stubborn “SoundCloud rapper” tag attached to him, and diversify his sonic production, X is gearing up for his debut album release, 17, scheduled to drop on August 25th. In a series of Instagram stories, X explained how this album will be for the depressed—not for those who listen to his music to not think. However the project is furnished, I’m sure it will resonate with his cult following, and convert some new patrons along the way.

Check out the clip from X’s DAMN. performance below, and be on the lookout for 17 dropping towards the end of the month.

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