Busta Rhymes Taps Kendrick Lamar For “Look Over Your Shoulder”

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K. Dot’s first feature of the year.

Yes, it’s finally arrived, the wait is over. After nearly an entire calendar year without hearing his voice, Kendrick has floated down from perching atop hip-hop’s Mount Rushmore to bless fans with a feature on Busta Rhymes’ new track, “Look Over Your Shoulder.”

The anticipated collaboration opens with an interpolation of the Jackson 5’s “I’ll Be There,” with the accompanying lyric video showing a golden-painted young Michael Jackson. Slowly but surely, the iconic instrumental finds its hip-hop footing through an array of drums, almost acting as a real-time snapshot of hip-hop’s evolution. 

Kenny kicks things off vocally, employing his staple dynamic vocal texture to convey his layered wordplay and pensive lyrics. Despite briefly stepping out of the spotlight, Kendrick is a student first and foremost, and by the sounds of his dexterous verse, he’s been studying, preparing, waiting for his return. On “Look Over Your Shoulder,” he did not disappoint.

Busta then picks up the baton from Kendrick, and brings it home with his legendary voice and vivid, imaginative storytelling.

“Look Over Your Shoulder” is a single from Busta’s upcoming album, Extinction Level Event 2: The Wrath Of God, due out at midnight.

Listen to “Look Over Your Shoulder” below: