D Smoke Links With Brother On “Fly”

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The Farris’ have great musical genes.

If the modern music industry has taught us anything, it’s that there are more ways than ever to break into the business. Some get on thanks to a big co-sign; a fortunate group make it past the playlist gatekeepers. But D Smoke, the bilingual California native, was granted admittance at a different door: Netflix’s new series, Rhythm & Flow

After winning the inaugural season, the singer-rapper dropped his debut mixtape, Inglewood High, to general acclaim. Now, he’s making his mark on the new year with his new single, “Fly,” which features his brother, Davion Farris. 

It must be in the genes, as D Smoke’s other brother, SiR, is the standout TDE-signed R&B artist.

Check out D Smoke’s “Fly” below: