Da Brat Gets Out of Jail…Broke & Lonely?

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So it’s looking like Da Brat finally got out of jail after she broke a bottle on some chick’s face (class act).  Well according to Sandra Rose (talk about a hater) she came back home to pretty much nothing.  This is kind of depressing.  Hopefully Ms. Brat kind find some inspiration in her life.  Plus this source is hollering at Sandra Rose so they could be functionally retarded.

  • At 36, Da Brat finds herself washed up and alone for the first time in her life. According to my source, most of Brat’s industry friends have abandoned her – except for her “sister” LisaRaye, who calls her regularly to keep her spirits up. “No one else will return her calls,” said my source, who promised to deliver a message to Shawntae asking her to call me.”No one but LR reached out to her while she was in jail,” said my source, who added that few people made the 2-hour drive from Atlanta to visit Da Brat “including JD.”

    According to my source, Brat spends her days writing songs and working in her home studio. But without a record deal or a publishing deal, Da Brat has to rely on residual royalties from her distant hit records to pay her bills.