Dallas Penn: Don’t Commit Sadecide…

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There are only two female singers that you are allowed to listen to if you are a hardcore rapper. The first is Mary J. Blige, because she is a ‘hood princess. The other is Sade, because she can make the song cry (and we all know that real thugs ain’t allowed to shed no tears). I remember listening to a Sade album one time after I broke off my relationship with my bottom chick. By the end of the album I was ready to slit my wrists and sit in my warm water filled bathtub. I nearly committed a Sadecide.

Suicide is no fuxing joke my friends and neither are the smooth groove downtempo sounds of a Sade album. Her angelic voice mixed with lyrics about longing and loss are enough to tug any thug’s heartstrings. The scary shit is that Suicide kills more people than homicide. True story. And the worst and most painful suicide is the one that is committed after listening to the Sade ‘Promise’ album.

I loved Maureen. Too bad I am never going to see her again. She not going to meet my new friends. This is why it is never as good as the first time. Sade reminds me that life is just fuxed the fux up. And the sweetest things? They are taboo too. I can’t stand it anymore I’m going to kill myself. Luckily for me is the fact that I have a low pain threshold and I don’t enjoy viewing my own blood. Otherwise I might would commit me some Sadecide.

So with her latest album about to drop I am girding myself emotionally for the supple vocals of Helen Folasade Adu. If you folks don’t see any drops from me for a few days have Combat Jack stop by my crib and check in on me, just in case I’ve fallen asleep and got my headphones wire wrapped around my neck.


  1. Word Is Bawn! I just copped a deadly jelly fish, and that new-new Sade (hardcopy-no (II))on pre-order. Now i just need to make an antifreeze cocktail and I'm good money.

    Really tho',Soldier of Love is mah sheeet. I'm so amped about such a fine, depressing, chain-smoking ass singer's CD. I just hope to god she stays away from rapperdudes, and takes 'em to court for them gahbij ass youtube remixes!
    Jerz. Out.

  2. I know it's TRUE, as DP and Dirty Jerz testify but the Sade thing always eluded me; if I was in that way with bottom chick it was either old r&b like Bobby “Blue” Bland–


    (My heart REALLY sunk when Jay butchered the sample.)

    Or Marvin.

    Or– and I'm gonna out myself (ll) as a country-soul dude too– but Elvis was a GREAT ballad singer–


    And by no evidence, ever, a 'racist,' fuck Mary J. and her half-wit “knowledge.” Young Eddie Murphy who revered Elvis was closer to the truth and wise old (sometimes hothead) Chuck D. backtracked also.

    Lastly, ya'll remember when Prince could still write with emotion? He's still mad genius but the feeling has been kinda lacking compared to “Another Lonely Christmas,” “How Come U Don't Call Me Anymore?” etc etc.

  3. Sade is Helen of Troy. Her voice and beauty could set a thousand ships to sail or at least to raise their masts [ll].

  4. Saw them naked Sade pics she a dime for reals but how could her husband David Justice her ass I dnt see how the best chicks let suckas dog'em out

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