Dallas Penn: Polo Is The Most Hip-Hop Clothing Line…

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Hip-Hop culture in its essence is all about aspiration and upward movement. Sure rap music went through a period of being focused on regressive thinking but that was just a facade. Even the artists that were kicking that nihilistic, gangster rap were still actively moving themselves and their families into better homes with gardens. Just because you spit stories about the ‘hood doesn’t meant that you still WANT to live there.

What clothing line represents upeward mobility more than Polo Ralph Lauren? Polo makes clothing that you wear if you are in a polo match. Who the fux is in a polo match? Polo also has clothing made for yachting. playing in the Olympics. mountain climbing rescue, river rafting and playing cricket. No regular people do any of these sports since they are extremely ghey. When I say ghey I really mean luxurious. Like if you spoke with a British accent.

The original designer of this lifestyle brand was a kid from the Bronx – Ralph Lipschitz. He aspired to live a life on the level of the leisure class, doing the activities that the wealthy and privileged do on the regular. His clothing line took off because a lot of people also want to live the lifestyle of the rich and famous, or at least look the part. Polo Ralph Lauren is all about the aspirational dreams of the wearer. Even if I have a blue collar job (actually, writing is a no collar job) I want to feel like I could just jump in a polo match as a replacement.

Nevermind the fact that I don’t even know how to play polo. Aspiring for higher is more deeper than knowing what the higher level actually contains. All you need to know is that it sux at the current level you live on. Wearing Polo Ralph Lauren clothing helps me feel better about the poverty that I live in. I may never play in a polo or rugby match but I will be wearing some finely made cotton or wool garments that are built to last over time. Let’s also remember that Polo Ralph Lauren is actually well made clothing. It reminds me of 1992 when almost every rap album that dropped was a classic.

In early April Combat Jack and I will host the inaugural edition of The ‘Lo End Theory concert series and swap meet. This is a convention party for fans of Polo Ralph Lauren clothing who come to the event with some of their favorite pieces that they want to sell or swap with other collectors. There’ll also be vintage clothing vendors with some of their Polo Ralph Lauren items up for sale. The event isn’t just about trading clothing around either because there will be performances from some of the best rappers in the game that rep the Polo lifestyle.

We are looking at Meyhem Lauren, Timeless Truth, Vic-‘Lo aka Thisrtin’ Howl 3rd, 88 Keys and Sean Price. We may add another artist to the lineup or not, but this event is already shaping up to be a classic Hip-Hop date. Stay tuned to iHipHop.com for more details as nail down the venue and the artists. Get ready to pop some tags my people.


  1. this is some weak ass shit. polo is definitely not the most hiphop clothing line. ever heard of IM King? BBC / Ice Cream? Clothing lines actually inspired by hiphop and not made for rich white elitists? I dunno why both of you and combat jack are on polo's dick (they sponsoring you or something?) but you need to hop off that band wagon. even lacoste is more hip hop son!!! polo is the “lo end” of luxury shit.

  2. IM KING? WTF kinda tight ass ghey shit is that!? Ice Cream, too? Lemme guess, you wear Supras, or some other kind of thigh-high boots?

  3. “Tight ass ghey shit”? is that a diss or u givin me props? supras are fly, but fuck boots. im saying i just dont wear shit white boys from harvard do when they havin tea parties, cuz it ain't cool and it aint hiphop BITCH.

  4. marc Jacobs,
    You wouldn't know Hip-Hop if it came to your momma's basement.

    Rich white boys wear Brooks Brothers or Faconnable to their tea parties and Abercrombie & Fitch to the beach.

    Black boys that imagine they have the leisure class of the rich wear Polo because that is what signifies wealth to them.

    Polo describes the aspira… Waitaminnit, do you read these drops or do you just skim this shit. Step your reading comprehension up meatstick

  5. That event sounds like it will be monumental. Surprised nobody has been able to execute something so ill on a scale like this…guess it just takes the right people to make the right moves [ll]. looking forward to this fam! Will fly in for this one if necessary!

  6. I purchased Polo gear from 1995 until 2002. After spending large amounts of money on Polo, I realized that I was just throwing my money away. I could be spending my money on something that I really need, like apartment rent or paying my bills. The clothing is nice, but it is too expensive for what it is. Ralph Lauren needs to lower the prices.

  7. Eddie,
    I'm sorry that you no longer cop 'Lo gear. I'm more saddened that you couldn't find any 'Lo that you could afford like from discount stores like Marshall's or TJMaxx. I have even found 'Lo in thrift stores but then again I have aspirations still. I haven't quit like you have.

    I'm sorry that you quit on your aspirations. I hope that you can pay your rent now and you aren't forced to eat dark meat tuna from the can. I hope that you can do some things for yourself in this life that will help you get your aspirations back.

  8. Polo Jeans was not RL, but a Claiborne line that was licensing RL's brand.

    But like anything in life you have to do you. Polo Jeans doesn't have IT's that retain value like PRL and PSRL items.

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