Dallas Penn: Your Favorite Rapper’s Favorite Rapper…

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It’s hard to argue with the popularity of Drake. His writing is both witty and catchy. He’s a talented actor who can make his voice flex and fluctuate to complement his phrasing. Drake credits KanYe West as an inspiration to his style. KanYe West is arguably one of the best in the game right now. On the heels of his misunderstood and mostly panned album 808 & Heartbreaks he has basically killed every feature he has been on. Some would argue he even ‘renegaded’ Jay on Bp3. No one is hollering for Consequence tho’. How come?

It was thru Consequence mentorship that KanYe developed the style we all enjoy now. I’m not going to say that Consequence wrote his lyrics because that isn’t really the case in as much as Consequence A & R’d KanYe’s rhyme style. I consider Consequence to be the Obi Wan to KanYe’s Skywalker. The jury is still undecided as to whether KanYe is Luke or Anakin, but you should see my point. Why don’t we include Consequence in a ‘best of’ discussion? I think Cons is about to change all of that.

Before his next album, ‘ConsTV’, drops Consequence will release and mixtape called ‘Movies On Demand‘. MOD will feature Cons witty wordplay along with some all star features that should add his name into the arguments for best rapper, if only best rapper of 2010 at least. Consequence is a solid veteran and he knows how to navigate the peaks and valleys of the music business. This prequel album is clearing the path for what will surely be a talked about project. ‘ConsTV’ is being produced by Q-Tip and KanYe West.

If people thought that Consequence was the reason for A Tribe Called Quest falling off you will be in for a surprise with this next album. Consequence is making a movie right now and it is called ‘V For Vendetta’.


  1. yeah ur def right about the flow. emphasizing that last part of a word like a retard is trademark cons (see Stressed out- ATCQ.) As efficient as consequence is, its way too late in his career to make a push for best rapping anything. Best rapper of 2010? not while sean p and wu tang still spitting, sorry.

  2. consequences last album was straight fire throughout yet seriously slept on by most. underrated as fuck too. will be looking forward to his next album and will def peep the mixtape.

  3. Best rapper of 2010 is def a stretch, but I'm sure you will fux with this ConsTV album. KanYe back on his shit, producing that is…

  4. Yo DP, I couldn't leave a comment on your site but I wanted to say Great Post.. Cons is DOPE! Plus, I just downloaded the mixtape via nahright-shit is refreshing… Well Done!

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